Friday, February 26, 2010


Helping other people always helps me feel good. While my favorite spot on the couch gets sad when I'm not sitting there at least 6 hours a day, I think it's nice to be in more than one area in the house and to actually get out of the house.

My volunteering is going well. I have been basically taking 3 seniors a week (one a day for 3 days) to doctor's appointments, sitting in a waiting room or in my car while they see the doctor, and then driving them home. It's not rocket science. But it does get me out of the house and is a way to help out people who can't drive. I've met some interesting people and have even driven a couple women who were in wheelchairs. I've got a handicapped sign I can hang from my rearview mirror when I need to, but I've only used it twice so far (with the women in wheelchairs). Next week, I will be driving my first male client. I'm getting reimbursed for miles driven, so I figure I should put the money I get from them into a new car/car repair/gas expense fund. I'm so exciting, I know.

I picked up the ceramic pieces we painted for Valentine's Day. Joe's wizard bank turned out nicely. Mine was quite disappointing: the red didn't show up very well at all. I'm glad I went over and over the heart on the front.

We got the futon for our guest room (YAY!) so it is *almost* officially done and ready for guests. We need to get some pictures or something up on the walls, clean out the dresser and closet, and install a ceiling fan. But it's usable! Come visit us!!!! We rock!

Today I spent about 3 hours down at the church building helping get it set up for the adult activity (dinner) tonight. I know I could just show up and eat and leave, but helping set up (and I volunteered to help with the dishes/clean up as well) will help me appreciate it more. So much work has gone into getting it ready!

I looked up some more specifics related to additional classes that will help me with my career, and I have some options. 1) I could use my master's degree and take some supplementary classes (and complete a 400 hour internship) to help me become a school counselor. 2) I could use my master's degree and take some supplementary classes to help me register as an associate therapist. I'd still have to work under a licensed marriage and family therapist to be able to be licensed as such myself, or I could look into (possibly) taking more classes and then working under any kind of therapist and becoming a generic therapist. 3) I could take a medical transcription program online and possibly even work from home part (or most) of the time. 4) I could take additional classes and complete an internship to become a teacher.

I know I have other options, but these are the same kinds of options that have been rolling around in my head for the past couple years or more. When I started looking into costs for the different options, I realized that #3 would be the most cost-effective. I think #1 would appeal to me more, but I don't know how hard it would be to get a job as a school counselor after all of that extra work, and I don't know if I'd be able to find a job that would allow me to work and still complete the internship. Also, when I talked with someone at a local school about that program, they said my transcripts would have to be evaluated, but I'd probably have to take about 5 units. And the cost for each unit is almost $3000, which is more than the entire medical transcription program.

So I'm thinking I can start with #3, and if I'm able to get a job doing that and decide I want to save up money for one of the other options, I can do that. Hopefully I can find either a part or full time job while I'm going to school for medical transcription, but the program is self-paced, and I suppose I could just work my butt off to finish it ASAP if I don't find a job in the meantime.

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