Tuesday, January 25, 2011

35 week ultrasound and pictures

Last week I went in to have another growth ultrasound completed. The doctor wanted to make sure there weren't any medical reasons for me to start having NSTs as well as to check on the baby. Joe left work early so he could attend with me, and it was a really good appointment. I love how my doctor takes the time to sit down with us and answer any questions we have! He is so thorough I swear it's like he anticipates questions we may have and explains things more thoroughly than he needs to just so that we don't have any questions that pop up later!

The ultrasound tech measured the baby's head and some other bones. We were told she is in the 48th percentile weighing approx 5 pounds and 13 ounces right now. We were also told she is measuring 2 days ahead, which we don't quite understand. However, I think that may have to do with the size of her head, as I noticed from the measurements of her head that it was measuring 2 days larger (however they determine all that). I know ultrasound measurements aren't exact or anything, but I have been told the baby gains about an ounce a day now, and so it would appear that I most likely will not end up with a baby that weighs near as much as Joe did when he was born (over 9 pounds), thank goodness!

Here's her profile:

After all the measurements were taken, the tech switched from the regular ultrasound wand to another wand, and a 3D image popped up on the screen. It was so cool! And while I think Joy may have been annoyed at the pressure (she kept blocking one side of her face with her hand), this particular image that was captured turned out pretty neat!

I just love that little nose! I am so excited to meet her!


Amber said...

That last picture of her is amazing! I'm so excited for you guys. I can't believe she's almost here!! =)

The Goodmans said...

YAY!!!!! thanks for sharing! i can't wait to meet her, either!!

jenn said...

wow, that is a really good 3D image there!! Is is so neat to see that little person inside of you- soon you will be holding her in your arms!!

Katz said...

I usually think that the 3D ultrasound images look like creepy melted wax babies. But MY GOODNESS, you got a good picture! She's beautiful!