Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Adoption, foster care, or pregnancy through reproductive assistance?

The size of my family and my physical, emotional, and financial ability to impact that has been weighing on my mind, and more so on my heart, for some time.

I have taken various actions to address each of these to see what impact I might be able to make on them, and I have weighed my options. I've been poked with needles. I have met with reproductive endocrinologists and perinatologists. I've counted calories, fasted and prayed, researched, discussed, consumed massive amounts of chocolate to help with the stress of it all, pondered, and fretted.

I wanted to be sure that whatever conclusion I came to would be something I could live with for the rest of my life. I took into consideration the impact my decision would have on the other two people in my immediate family. Joe had already informed me that he would support whatever decision I made. This burden is ultimately on my shoulders, which is stressful enough. And at the same time, I did not feel completely alone, as I had Joe's support.

I finally feel like I have enough information to make a decision that I won't later regret.

And now the time has come to announce that I am still not pregnant. Instead of worrying about trying to force that issue and deal with the risks involved in another pregnancy, we have decided to move forward with the adoption process. We are a bit nervous about the whole process and are cautiously optimistic that this will allow our family to grow. 


JJ Ellis said...

Congratulations on your decision! I will be sending prayers to you through the process and I want you to know that any child you chose to take care of will be the luckiest child ever to have two such great parents and a sweet sister to love.

Debra said...

Thanks, JJ! I honestly think I have had experiences and thoughts for years to prepare me for this. I guess I'm likely as ready as someone without experience in this area will ever be!

Unknown said...

I love and support you all in this decision! Congratulations! I'm so happy to be an uncle again!

Unknown said...

That is wonderful I will be praying for you

Just me said...

Hey Debra! Thanks for sharing. I think those plans are wonderful too, what a lucky little one just waiting for an amazing family such as yours!
I have some friends that will get a baby girl any day now. I'm so excited for them what a blessing! I feel this little one is their own child period. You have our support as always, prayers, thoughts, encouragement, and we know you will be a fantastic mom as you already are. God bless you and your family.