Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Christmas and New Years

Joe and I were fortunate enough to be invited to spend time at Christmas and New Years with my aunt & uncle (and my 2 cousins and their families). We went to my cousin Kristine's house for dinner on Christmas Eve. Her kids were all there, the two oldest with their new spouses, and we played games after dinner before heading home.

We slept in on Christmas morning and woke to a quiet house. We had a nice breakfast and a relaxing morning, our only agenda items to prepare rolls for Christmas dinner, head to my aunt & uncle's house to open presents, and have dinner at their house. In the early afternoon, we drove to their house and opened presents (we were so touched that they bought us gifts as they clearly didn't have to). Then we hung out for a while and chatted before we had to head home to get the rolls ready. In the later afternoon, we headed back over to their house with the rolls in tow for a yummy Christmas turkey dinner. Everyone who had been at the Christmas Eve dinner was there with the exception of my cousin Clay and his wife, who were spending Christmas Day with her parents. My uncle's old navy buddy and his wife were there (we have met them a couple previous times at their home), and we had a nice dinner. Then we played some games before calling it a night.

We weren't sure what we were going to do for New Year's Eve, but some friends from church invited us over to their home to play games and eat snacks. We took them up on this offer and had a nice time. I was actually surprised I was able to stay up until midnight this year (we failed miserably last year), and impressed that Joe was as well, since he'd been up well before the sun to work that day.

On the first, we were invited to a late lunch/early dinner at my aunt and uncle's home. In addition, Joe had spent a few hours in the morning helping someone from church move out of their home.

So while our holidays were relatively quiet and uneventful, we had a nice relaxing time and were able to get in some extra sleep and time together. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to a good 2011 (and I hope it is good to you!).

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The Goodmans said...

it sounds like you did have a good time! i would've enjoyed doing any of those things, too. we had a good christmas/new years with steve's family and our family. love you! can't wait to meet your little addition to the family!!! (but i'm sure that i'm far less excited than you and joe!)