Monday, August 15, 2011


I stopped pumping and breastfeeding. I'm 100% okay with my decision. In fact, I'm quite happy with it right now. My stress levels are much more manageable, and I feel like I can be a better mom for Joy. My hormones already are starting to feel like they're getting back to normal, and my appetite is back to normal. It's so great not feeling like I haven't eaten for at least a day when I wake up in the morning! It's great eating a meal and not being hungry almost immediately after. I feel like I have a lot more time to exercise and clean and play with Joy and sleep. It's fantastic!


The Watson's... said...

I completely get what you are saying! It's liberating!

Becky..AMHW said...

My first basically weaned himself at five months. He so fought breastfeeding and loved having a bottle. So I didn't fight that. He got fed, I got my body back. Win win.

I nursed my second for over a year until he got teeth and then thought it was hilarious to bite me. He bit me deep twice. I weaned him. I got my body back. He went straight to a sippy pretty much. Win win.

My milk failed at three months with my third. No idea why. I just shrugged and plugged a bottle in his mouth. Didn't even fight it. He got fed and I didn't even get engorged. Win win.

Is your kid starving? No? You're a good mom. Bottles were invented for a reason.