Monday, July 28, 2008

House Pics

I realize my blog needs more photos and I've been a slacker about taking photos of the house. It was nice & clean too, right before our housewarming party. But now that the party is over, it's kind of a mess in places again. However I've taken a few pics and promise to take more in the near future.

Here's a picture of the outside of our house with the updated landscaping in the front yard. We pretty much lost most of the plants we had there, but some weren't in great shape and some were planted too close to each other anyway.

Here's a view of the front of the house. I have mixed feelings about the front door and part of the front porch being obscured from view.
Here's one of the plants that survived the makeover. It is late in blooming but is finally starting to show some color.
And here's what each bunch of flowers will look like fully bloomed.

Here's a picture of the piano my wonderful friend Erin and her husband so graceously gave to us when we moved.

Here's the wall in our family room. That's all you get to see for now. My mother-in-law was responsible for helping me figure out where to hang what in our home.

Here's our new range. It puts out 50 amps of power, and the existing cord is tested for 40 amps (as well as our electric panel being set for 40 amps), so we've had it short on us. It's been really frustrating at times, but when it's working, it works nicely. We're going to have to find a more permanent solution, though. I had to go into the electric panel at least 10 times while trying to make cookies for our housewarming party because I kept losing power. So frustrating!

Here's our dining room. We still have our teeny Ikea dining room table, but we would like to upgrade that in the near future so we can have people over for dinner. And the beautiful flower arrangement on the table was a gift from one of my wonderful new neighbors. I was surprised how many neighbors were able to show up to our housewarming party. And one family who couldn't make it stopped by a few days later to drop us off a card and gift card welcoming us to the neighborhood. What a great neighborhood!

Here's a painting my very talented, old co-worker Eric Hurley made for me to satiate my Italy obsession for a while. It's hanging on a wall where I can see it every day and think back to that Italy trip I took. I still want to go back, especially to Cinque Terre, where the photo that provided inspiration for this painting was taken.

Sorry I don't have more pictures to share for now, but there will be more forthcoming.

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Mark & Kitty Cheney said...

Thanks for posting pics! I've wondered how it's going. It looks lovey! That blue flower is hydrangea, one of my favorites. I had silk hydrangeas as decorations at my wedding reception.