Monday, July 14, 2008

Ruts and Misc.

I have found myself at times frustrated, feeling like the only person I interact with face to face on a regular basis is my husband, now that I'm working from home. I'm trying to do things with other people and am looking into getting a second job or volunteering or something just to have that opportunity. I am in a book club right now, so that provides some interaction (we are supposed to meet once a month, but it's been once every 2 months average so far). I'm also engaged in reading books through a group at church. I went to the first book discussion there, but there were only 2 other people in attendance at that time. Hopefully we have a bigger turnout in the future.

So far I'm enjoying Curves. I like that working out only takes 30 minutes. It's been fairly easy for me in the past to talk myself out of going because of the time it takes to drive to and from a gym and the time it takes to workout, but I don't have those excuses here as readily. I'm aiming for anywhere between 3 and 6 days a week, hoping to get 4 or 5 realistically. I even took an hour lunch break on Saturday and went to the gym during that time because they're only open for 4 hours on Saturday (and it is during my work day that they're open). It did make the work day seem quite long, so I don't know how much longer I'll try that.

My work is starting a "walking club." It really doesn't mean too much, but they are offering free pedometers to people who want to track the number of steps they're taking each day. I got a pedometer for Christmas (yes, I asked for one), but I signed up to get one from work, thinking that maybe Joe and I can both get some use out of them.

I've also had a conversation with him about my short-term weight loss goal and how I plan on reaching that goal. He is willing to eat whatever I eat, which is good, because I don't want to do this by dieting or exercise alone but by changing my lifestyle to be more active and to eat a little healthier, as I think that is something I should be able to maintain long term.

I've had some (hopefully not too serious) health concerns. I think they are at least in part due to stress. I'm hoping that now that I'm feeling a little more settled in the house and the job and married life in general that my health will continue to show improvement. I have days where I feel really horribly, but those days seem to be less frequent the more time passes. I have a doctor's appointment this week and may schedule a follow up for a complete physical in the near future as well. We'll see.

I am meeting more people at church all the time. Sometimes I think I'm mistaken as a guest, but I have started to feel like I'm learning some particular people's personalities and some people are starting to learn my name (and the correct pronunciation and that I don't go by Debbie), which is always a nice thing.

On Saturday, Joe and I were busy. He did some weed pulling and put up a new mailbox and ran a couple errands during the day while I worked. Then, when I got off of work, we walked around the neighborhood and introduced ourselves to some neighbors we hadn't met. Two of those neighbors gave us their phone numbers in case we ever need anything (one neighbor had done that previously), and at each house we stopped at, we dropped off an invitation to our housewarming party this weekend. There is definitely a diverse group of people around here, but it seems like a pretty neat neighborhood. After making our rounds around the neighborhood, we drove to a few different stores to price new ranges. We decided we wanted a flat top electric stove and got one that was a pretty good price from the Sears Outlet in Tacoma. I never realized how much I use the oven and stove until this past week when I had none to use. Making skillet meals in the microwave and eating sandwiches gets old really quickly, especially when you have a freezer full of yummy options you want to make but can't.

Now we're just trying to get our house ready for the housewarming party this weekend (no, that's not our yard, but it doesn't seem like it looks much better). We're hoping everyone who comes has a good time, and we're hoping it's not too stressful for us. We are trying to figure out what different activities/games we want going on and where we want things happening, and we are trying to figure out what we're going to do for seating (especially in our family room where the karaoke will take place, since only a couple people can sit on the LoveSac).

Sometimes I fantasize about calling in sick to work so I can just stay in bed all day and sleep and read and do nothing. Yeah, that's some REAL dreaming right there. Until next time...


Carrissa Hellewell said...

We have to go looking around for a washer and dryer since most of the places we look at only have washer and dryer hook-ups..Its interesting to actually have to provide that kind of stuff now, since its always been included. Anyway, sounds like its been pretty busy for you!

Heather said...

Hey Debra, wanted to let you know about Freecycle. Its a website that is a network of forums where local people trade items to recycle. The thought being better to give to someone else than to just throw away. Scott and I have used this with much success in the past. You might want to look into it in your area. They have them in every state. and then pick your state etc. It explains more as you find your area. Just thought you might be able to use this in the future for things you need, or need to get rid of.
love you