Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Letter conundrum

After barely surviving yesterday mentally and emotionally, I am faced with the task of writing our Christmas letter. However, I'm finding this task to be especially hard this year. In fact, I think I may have to review my blog and journal entries looking for positive things to write, because other than the cruise in June and visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, there wasn't much I remember about 2009 that I liked. Man, I can't wait until I can say goodbye to this year!

Do you think it is okay if I mention some less-than-positive things that happened this year? I think I'm going to leave my miscarriage out of the letter, but I am leaning toward writing about losing my job and the cats getting fleas.


McKnights said...

who says you have to write a letter at all? If you dont feel like you have anything good to share then just send the cards. We will still love you!

The Leithead Family said...

I think Christmas letters are (should be) about letting the ones you love know what your year has been like, as opposed to bragging. You might want to keep the TMI out, but if you care enough to have them on your Christmas list, wouldn't you like them to know about your hard times too?

You have settled into your home, gone on a nice trip and had some adventures with your kitties and the economy. I don't think that you're alone. After all, Jesus was poor. Isn't it about Him? :)

Richard and McKenna said...

I agree! I think that your Christmas card should be a review of the year and doesn't always have to be 100% the positives! You could just say "this has been our year"! :) I know we would love to read what you guys have been up to this year!