Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Debra Needs Psychotherapy

While I was growing up, my family had several traditions that they followed throughout the year. One tradition I complained about all the time was going around the neighborhood and singing Christmas carols to people who know me. The horror! And when we were younger, our parents made us bring along the instruments we could barely play to torture us even further.

So I decided I wanted to start some new traditions with Joe that we can torture our kids with every year. Last year, we took a cheesy Christmas photo of us and our kittens, and we decided to make that a yearly tradition. We went out of state for Christmas last year, and I was able to spend some time with some of my bajillion siblings. One of my older sisters said to another sister, "Did you get Debra's Christmas card? I'm worried about her! She's turning into Mom!" My oldest sister laughed, pretty sure the picture was in jest, as she told my other sister her opinion. But although my siblings were hopeful, I think they were a little nervous that the picture might not be a joke.
We went even cheesier this year, thanks in part to some AWESOME finds at the after-Christmas sale at Target. And yet I have found myself checking in with people I have sent the photo to, just to make sure they know we weren't serious.

Merry Christmas!
From the Crazy Cat Lady


Katz said...


Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

Deb, all the kids were like did Aunt Debra and Uncle Joe wear those funny sweaters again? They are so funny!

They love your christmas tradition!

McKnights said...

I think the cats push you over the edge. Love the ears on Joe. I am not sure how you get him to do this. I would never be able to get my Joe to do anything like this. I think it is so you and love it! We missed you and hope you had a good Christmas. Have a safe and Happy New Years too!

Debra said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the pics. We have a lot of fun taking them... we were just as goofy in our wedding photos. We were bummed we couldn't find more flamboyant Christmas sweaters this year, but we made do with what we found at the DI the night we were there.

Emily, Joe does it because it's not just "so me" but "so Joe" also. And Heather, I'm glad the kids enjoy the pictures too. I know Kennedy was looking forward to it as well.