Monday, August 2, 2010

The perinatologist visit

Today was my first official OB appointment. There was no physical, but I sat with a nurse for over an hour, answering questions about my medical history and going over some various pregnancy information together. Unfortunately, I won't be giving birth at the local hospital like I was hoping to, but there's not much I can do about that, since I'm seeing a specialist. The nurse did another ultrasound, and I got to see the baby moving around quite a bit. She ordered some lab work but wanted to make sure the doctor didn't have any other labs he wanted done at this time (she was thinking he might want to get some genetic testing done to see if that explains the blood clots), but the doctor was out to a "business lunch," so I grabbed some fast food and headed back to the office to find out what he wanted. Unfortunately, by the time the doctor and nurse talked, it was too late in the day for me to get the lab work done today, so I have to go back in tomorrow to get the lab work done. However, the doctor did come out to the waiting room and talk to me briefly after he met with the nurse. He said that I can't go back to work (in retail anyway) because he's worried about me getting another blood clot. I didn't think to ask him if that was just a temporary thing or if he meant during my entire pregnancy, but I figured I'd left the job hanging long enough, so I called and told the supervisor the bad news. At least I will have more time to devote to school, and I hope I will be able to finish before I give birth. I do have an appointment scheduled with the doctor next week, so I will be sure to get more clarification as to my work situation and also ask any questions that may come up.


Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

Glad to hear you are seeing a specialist. High risk pregnancies are scarey and I am really glad you are OK and hopefully seeing this specialist keeps you OK. Glad baby is doing fine. We are constantly praying for you guys and appreciate the updates. Now I dont have to feel nosey or like im a bother by sending constant texts lol.
love you and stay well.

Jahn said...

"Business lunch"???

Was that 9 holes or 18? :-]

Anonymous said...

perhaps one day you may be open to naturopathic medicine.

look to turmeric. there is much research out there on its blood thinning properties.

seek out works by Christian Wilde.

take care of yourself Debra. best wishes from afar.