Saturday, November 13, 2010

On writing

I'll be the first to admit that my imagination isn't near what it used to be as a child. However, I haven't given up on some of my dreams and even catch myself daydreaming at times. I enjoy writing, not just about myself to feel self-important, but to have a creative outlet. I'm not a crafty person. I'm not a fabulous baker or cook. I know where my interests and skills are, and I try to push myself from within those confines, hoping to have some sort of growth breakthrough.

But writing itself is often a painful process for me. I'm not talking about physical pain but an indescribable pain. When thoughts form in my head, they are pure, unfiltered, perfect representations of my weaning imagination. And the process of trying to find words to describe those thoughts adequately, to give them justice and life, is quite a challenge.

I know this story I'm writing right now is just a rough draft. It will need extensive revision and further contemplation before the polished work comes close to resembling the blooming story as it is forming in my mind. But even the process of searching for words that maintain the integrity of my thoughts is strenuous. It is exhausting. I figure out an acceptable short-term way to write a particular passage, and then I mentally collapse, begging myself for a reprieve. Yet I continue to push myself, and I actually enjoy the challenge.

Since my last blog entry, I have not written every day. I missed one day unintentionally (I simply ran out of time and energy before I'd been able to write a word). On the days I have written, I haven't always met even the minimum word count requirement, as is illustrated by the calendar widget I have posted on the side bar of the blog (green are days I get in the "minimum," while my "minimum" should now be higher because I'm behind; red means I didn't write on those days at all; orange means I wrote something but not near enough; yellow means I wrote close to the minimum without reaching it). However, I know the writing process isn't just about writing for me. I am giving myself opportunity to learn and grow, and that is the great fruit that the finished story will represent. So I will continue plugging on.

And, as motivation to stick with it without procrastinating until the end of the month, when running out of time could become a serious issue, I have vowed that I will not see Harry Potter until I'm at least caught up with the suggested daily word count totals for that particular day.


The Goodmans said...

i don't enjoy writing for fun because i don't have the patience to search for the words to fit the ideas in my good for you for not letting that discourage you too much!

Jahn said...

Something tells me you're trying too hard.

"Sitting quietly,
doing no thing,
Spring comes
and the grass grows of itself."

OTOH, you might want to remember what Moliere said about writing: "Writing is like prostitution -- first you do it for fun, then you do it for friends, and finally you do it for money." :-)

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

Debra, the thing I have found about writing is that for me writing some everyday is key. If I set a word limit for myself I begin to feel stress over getting that goal accomplished and then it becomes harder and harder for me to write. If I just promise myself I will write every day then I find I can do that. I even find that on days when I have time I write extensively and my excitement grows as I see what I am writing develop. Not sure if this will help you but often we put too much pressure on ourselves and then get discouraged when the goals we set are not met. Slow and steady wins the race.

Debra said...

Well, I normally don't pressure myself so much, but I find that pushing myself and challenging myself helps me to grow. And I really think NaNoWriMo is fun despite the challenges it presents me all month long. I know I had such a great sense of accomplishment after I finished in 2008... it is a moment in my life for which I am quite proud, even though the first draft of that story was utter crap! :P