Friday, February 4, 2011

Woo hoo! Finally!

I have been waiting for MONTHS to have the carpet cleaned in our house. I was tempted on more than one occasion to rent (or even buy) a carpet cleaner and go after it myself. However, hearing that someone had offered to do it for free kept me from giving in to that temptation. Unfortunately, we didn't end up getting it done for free, but we did finally get it done. It only cost $100 for the whole house (and they were done in less than an hour). Now when the carpet in the nursery is adequately dry, we can put that together.

Someone online today mentioned that due dates aren't calculated correctly... she said you're not really "due" at 40 weeks. She said it's more like 40 weeks plus 10 days for first time moms. I don't know how much truth there is to that, but it made me realize that I could potentially have a March baby instead of a February baby. I guess I'm okay with that! She'll come when she wants. I'm hoping it's not before Valentine's Day, because I have a lot of things going on next week and then have to teach in church (assuming I'm able) on the 13th.

I'm now having an internal debate as to whether I should go back to Lovenox injections after she is here or go on Coumadin. My OB said I should be on the blood thinner medication for 6 months. With Lovenox, I wouldn't have to have my blood drawn as frequently to check the levels of it in my blood, and it won't pass to the baby through my breast milk. With Coumadin, I wouldn't have to do any injections, as it's a pill. However, it might be more tricky to get and keep my levels in the proper ranges, which means I could have my blood drawn 2 or more times a month. I do have offers to watch the baby while I get my blood drawn, which is nice. I'm still not sure which route I want to go!

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Crystalbell said...

I'm so excited for you to become a Mommy!

My first one didn't come until I was 43 and a half weeks along! It was nuts! 2nd one was only 10 days overdue, 3rd one was at 43 weeks again, 4th one only 5 days overdue and the latest was actually at 39 weeks gestation. First one early, and it only took until the fifth baby! (I've been writing up the story, just haven't finished it yet).

My boys are the ones that were 43 weeks +. My girls were much more cooperative about arriving in a timely matter. Which may be the only time that happens in their lives, if they follow in my footsteps.

If you're planning to go the natural childbirth route (meaning sans epidural), I highly recommend reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. It's a very empowering and easy read. I read it every time I'm pregnant and it really helps you to mentally and emotionally prepare for the important work ahead of you. Since you're so close I'd recommend just reading the first section (which are the stories of births). The second section is full of physiological information, which is great!

Anyway, this is turning in to a book! I wish we were closer, I'd just loan you my book and help you out.

Lots of love to you, Debra! And Happy Birthing!