Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas season is here!!!

I have found as I get older that I am looking forward to Christmas more. I am sure I looked forward to it as a kid, but I know there were years when I didn't care about it much. As a single adult, I sometimes participated in Christmas Angel events to try to get into the spirit, but I didn't care much about decorating or baking or things like that. I know I wasn't into any of those aspects of Christmas as a kid. I remember not really caring much about Christmas movies and music, and now I enjoy those, even the cheesy Christmas movies. And now I look forward to decorating the house inside and out, baking and giving out cookies, and even wrapping gifts.

Having a child has even made it all more exciting for me. I can understand how kids see commercials and decide they want about 1000 different things for Christmas based on the ads. I do the same thing with items that are on sale when it comes to shopping for her! I haven't gotten her many toys, but I got her books and sing-along videos and winter clothes and have been tempted to buy so much more for her. I mean, have you seen toddler boots? They are crazy cute!!! I pretty much had her Christmas shopping done months ago, but I keep finding things for her and getting them. Now I just need to decide what I will hang on to for her birthday AND STOP BUYING THINGS FOR HER!

How do you feel about the holiday season? Love it, loathe it, or somewhere in between? What are some of your favorite things about it? Least favorite things about it?

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JJ Ellis said...

I love love love the Christmas season! Especially now that I have kids. We decorate, bake,watch Christmas shows. It is just a wonderful time of fellowship for us all. I too think I enjoy it more as an adult than I did as a kid because I get to partake in everything not just opening gifts and I get to really appreciate the joy of giving and seeing other people receiving!