Friday, June 20, 2008


I do have a blog that I occasionally post in when I'm feeling either especially grateful or the need to reflect internally a bit more on my blessings and be more grateful than I'm feeling at the moment. However, I decided to spend the last few minutes of my break today expressing my gratitude on this blog.

1. I have a wonderful husband. Neither of us likes cooking or cleaning (I'm not really sure who does), but he helps out. He is willing to get me a drink or drive me to work or do any of a number of things to help out, often without even being asked.

2. I have a nice job. It's one of those jobs I can leave the work and accompanying stress at work. Hooray for that.

3. I have a nice house. The fact that we had enough room to host people we've hosted is pretty awesome, especially in this economy and with housing prices being what they are in this state.

4. I have really great friends & family. My uncle Larry was willing to drop whatever he was doing and drive over the other day to help me get into my master bedroom when I got locked out. That's the second time he's already provided us with help around our house. His daughter and her kids helped us move. His wife invites us over for dinner. And that's just one small piece of my family, not to mention my friends.

Yeah, I'm pretty lucky.


McKnights said...

What is that link again? Maybe you should post a link to it from here unless it is suppose to be more private. I got some more journaling questions from RS if you are interested.

McKnights said...

Never mind I found it!