Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking forward...

So, I kind of had to cut short my blessings blog because I ran out of time on my work break. I thought about continuing it here, but I really don't have the time while on a break at work to do justice to any of it. Instead, I have a lot to look forward to in the near future that I wanted to share.

Now that I'm a "regular" employee at my job, I will be able to start working from home and will do so starting Tuesday (I get trained for that on Monday). I am still trying to decide whether I want to do it from home full time or part time at home and part time in the office. If I do work from the office a couple days a week, I'll have to worry about getting up at 4 am or somewhere around there only those days, and I'll get to sleep in until closer to 6 am the other days I work from home. By sleeping in, it means I *might* get to spend a little bit of time with Joe each night after he comes home before I have to go to bed. That'd be great, since sometimes it feels like we barely interact (like this week).

Tonight we're going on a date after I get off work. We need that. I don't know when we last had a date. I won a movie pass at work, so I'm thinking dinner & a movie would be a nice date, and I'm already really looking forward to it.

My cousin, Amber, has talked about coming to visit sometime, but with things being crazy in her life lately, I don't know when that'll happen, but I'm sure she'll love it here. The summer is the best time to visit Seattle. Other than about one week where highs hit the 90's, it's pretty nice outside.

My parents are planning on visiting at the end of August. I'm really excited to spend some time with them. And since my aunt & uncle lives so close to us and know the area better, I might get some chances to find out a little more about what is in my area. I'm trying to get out a little more and become a little more familiar with this city. In fact, I'm seriously considering starting a blog (yes, another one) where I can write & keep reviews of different places in our neighborhood to help us and other people who are interested in finding things to do around here (our city doesn't have a downtown presently, so a lot of people hang out around a mall).

Joe and I are going to hopefully be able to go out of town for Christmas this year. We're not quite sure about that yet, and I can't request vacation time more than 4 months in advance, so I haven't asked for the days off yet. But if it gets approved, we're going to go to Utah and spend time with family there. And Joe's sisters are going to be in Washington for Thanksgiving, so it'll be nice to see them and spend time with them and their families at that time.

We're hoping to have our housewarming party soon. In fact, I think that's one thing we'll talk about sometime in the next few days. All we have left that's planned to-do's include a wedding and a wedding BBQ before the end of the month.

Oh, and we might buy cats before too long. We'll see.

So, for those who don't have blogs or haven't updated them for a while, what's new with you? What sorts of fun things do you have planned in the near future?

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Jeff said...

Happy to hear you can work at home - that affords you a measure of flexability at least.

Though I can do about 85% of my job from my couch, my workplace is still stricly brink and mortar. Very conservative folks.

Keep well!