Thursday, June 26, 2008


For anyone who knows me well, you will know that I have been an Aerosmith fan for years. The first Aerosmith song I heard was Love in an Elevator, as my brother rocked out to it in his bedroom. When I grew up and started hearing their songs like What it Takes, Crying, Crazy, Amazing, and Living on the Edge, I decided to pick up one of their albums. In fact, the first cassette album I ever purchased was their Get a Grip.

It wasn't until after then that I realized they were the same people who sang Love in an Elevator, but I was hooked. I started buying their older albums and realized I liked them even more than Get a Grip. In fact, I became so obsessed for a while that I purchased ANYTHING I could buy that was associated with Aerosmith, as far as music, interviews on CDs, tribute albums, and even a VHS or two of theirs.

They haven't really put much out since Get a Grip (other than various types of greatest hits albums), and what they have put out has been disappointing. So, my love for them has decreased a little bit, but I will always appreciate their older songs like Dream On and even their older tracks that were originally done by other bands, and they put on quite a show in concert.

So, when Joe and I were at Target the other week and I saw the tail end of what looked like a commercial for a soon-to-be released product of theirs, I got very excited. Today, when checking my email, I saw what confirmed my child-like excitement:

It's going to be released on Saturday, I guess. And Now, I've never been much of a video game fan, but when my sister's kids brought their Wii and Guitar Hero with them to Arizona for Thanksgiving last year, I played and had a LOT of fun, even though I was pretty much terrible. The one song I seemed most confident about was Aerosmith's Same Old Song and Dance. We had so much fun on the Guitar Hero, in fact, that Joe purchased a copy of it for himself shortly after we returned. His copy only came with one guitar, so we haven't yet played the game together. But if I got this bundle, we'd be able to play together and I'd even get an Aerosmith(!) guitar. How cool is that?

I have already added it to my wishlist. And while I was there, I added the Wii system, Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution (which I have played before and also loved), because those look so dang awesome that between all of this stuff, I could really get addicted to video games.

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