Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I started volunteering in February, I thought about learning how to drive a shuttle, but then I thought it wouldn't really be fair for me to get all that training and then only do it temporarily until I find a job, so I started volunteering to drive through Senior Services driving my own car. Still, I just got this information in an email and thought I'd post it in case anyone is looking for a volunteer opportunity or knows someone who might be interested.

Seniors in our communities urgently need your help! Senior Services Transportation Program operates shuttles in Des Moines-Normandy Park, Burien-Highline and Shoreline-Lake Forest Park. The Senior Shuttles take seniors to buy groceries, get to medical appointments and run other local errands. Because of a shortage in volunteers to drive the shuttle, routes are being canceled and many seniors are finding it harder than ever to get around. Volunteer to drive the Senior Shuttles and you’ll meet new people while helping seniors remain independent and in their own homes. Choose your weekly shifts and receive free training in defensive driving and passenger assistance. You do not need a special driver’s license and do no lifting or bearing of weight. Interested? Call Melissa at (206) 748-7588, email, or visit for more information.

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