Friday, March 20, 2009

I can stop trying?

I have had a lot of time to fill, being off work so much this year. Well, in boredom, I stumbled upon the Game Show Network. I have watched some episodes of shows like Pyramid, The Weakest Link, Family Feud, and some I'd never heard of before like Lingo and Chain Reaction. It sounds like I'm watching tons of TV, but I'm really trying not to.

Anyway, I was watching an episode of Family Feud last week, and a topic on there really bothered me. It went something like this: "Name something a woman doesn't have to do anymore after she gets married."

I was thinking of things like pretending to be interested in what someone is saying on a bad date, having DTR (defining the relationship) talks, going to a friend's wedding solo, spending weekend nights alone in front of the TV with Ben & Jerry's feeling sorry for yourself, flirting in a desperate attempt for some attention/affection, etc.

But the answers were much different. They were things like: cook, clean, wear makeup, work, exercise, etc. What??? Maybe I'm wrong, but now instead of worrying about myself, I have to worry about what he's going to eat too. I don't eat out every meal, or even half the time, so I'm cooking just as much, if not more, than I was when I was single. And cleaning? Are you kidding me? Instead of doing my own laundry, now I'm doing laundry for two. And instead of just having to clean up after myself, now I have to clean up after two. Wearing makeup? Yeah, I was never that big into it, except when going out somewhere nice. Otherwise, I'd just throw a little bit on to try to even out my skin tones or something. So there's no change there. Work? Yeah, because all men do is take care of the women of the world who sit around at home or volunteer. You don't think stay-at-home moms are working??? My mom worked SO hard with us! And when you're chasing kids around, driving them to various appointments, cleaning, cooking, etc, don't you think that's a form of exercise?

Anyway, the feminist in me was very upset about the sexist and untrue stereotypical answers. I started to think about the things men stop doing after they get married. Here's my top ten: (Disclaimer: this is in jest more than serious)

1. Cooking
2. Cleaning
3. Being discreet about nose picking, farting, and other bodily fuctions that are less than appealing
4. Planning things
5. Remembering important dates of friends and family members
6. Grocery shopping (if he ever did that in the first place)
7. Buying toiletries and other necessities
8. Going on dates
9. Pretending not to be selfish in physical/sexual relations
10. Taking proper care of hygiene

What would make your list for men and women?


Travers Family said...

Debra, You are hilarious! I totally agree with you! I do tons but have stopped in some areas...or slowed down. I have a friend that makes sure her make-up and hair is done everyday for her husband, even if she does it right before he gets home. I'm a tad more laid back on that count. As for cooking, cleaning, exercising, etc. it's definitely double time now being married and with kiddos.

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

I think it's absurd to think women stop doing anything after being married. My days are so busy and hectic now that IF a woman pays less attention to perfect hair and makeup or whatever its probably due to EXHAUSTION!