Thursday, March 12, 2009

What should I get...?

I have been thinking quite a bit for about a month, give or take, about what I should ask for from my husband for my birthday. He was SPOILED beyond belief on his birthday, so I expect the same in turn. But when I think about some big items I want, I can't make up my mind. So I was hoping maybe you could help me with this decision.

One thing I really want is a massage. I've already told him that. I've only had one professional massage ever. But I wouldn't mind a massage from his cousin who is in massage therapy school over something professional (cheaper too!).

I broke my laptop a while back. I miss it dearly. I have been thinking about getting another one, or maybe a smaller notebook that would feel more portable. I originally got my laptop with the main purpose being for writing. I ended up using it for a lot more than that. It wasn't too expensive, and I don't think I need one that costs a whole lot since I have a desktop. But it's nice to have that portability.

Or I was thinking that a massage chair might be nice. Or maybe just a massage chair pad (that'd be cheaper).

Or a trip to Arizona before it's too hot there. That'd be nice for both of us, but I don't know if he can get time off work. Plus it would be pricey. Or I could go over a weekend while he's at drill in April.

Or an elliptical machine or a treadmill. I'd prefer an elliptical machine because I have bad knees, but I know he likes treadmills more (and I've heard they work your body better), so I'd be willing to get something like that as a compromise.

Or a punching bag. I've wanted one of those for a long time. I don't know where we could hang it, so we'd have to get a stand or one that goes ground-up versus a hanging punching bag. I want one that is at least fairly resistant and fairly heavy versus a hand bag (I think that's what they're called).

Or maybe a spa day and overnight in a nearby hotel. Maybe we could do a mini Portland vacation.

Or maybe a new stereo for my car. That is long overdue.

I let him buy himself a car stereo. He got a good deal, but it was still fairly pricey because of the installation costs. Then we took an overnight in a hotel in Bellevue and went to a nice dinner. And I got him a book and video game also, I think.

Decisions, decisions. At least I have time to make up my mind.


erin said...

Wowzers. You've got a fancy list. :) I would vote for an elliptical (because with your knee issues, you won't have an excuse to not do it.) ;)

And a GOOD massage. No offense to your family member, but I am a reliable source that just because someone is in school for Massage doesn't mean that they have a talent for it. :) The Pro Club is pricey, but those were HANDS DOWN(!!!) the best two massages I've ever received. I wish I had a grand to throw at 'em.

Travers Family said...

My vote is for the massage chair. My girlfriend bought one for her husband and I LOVE it! I have to sit in it every time I go over to her house. Thus, I'd visit you more often if you got one...bonus for you!

Debra said...

Yes, a massage will be part of the deal. And I know what you mean about some people just not having the talent for massage. I have been thinking of hiring you for myself but also for my husband, Erin. :)