Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I went to the doctor's office yesterday after being sick about 2 weeks. I had to get a note for work, but I also wanted to figure out what's wrong. It seems like it's been one thing after another all of 2009, with a few days respite in between.

I have to collect and turn in a stool sample (I'm so grossed out just thinking about doing that) and get my blood drawn today. They're going to run a bunch of tests. Apparently there was an e. coli outbreak in my city sometime in the not-too-distant-past that I just heard about Sunday. And so I'm paranoid about it being that. But with all the salmonella news, my doctor wants to rule that out as well. Or it could just be some other kind of bacterial infection. Whee!

So the first step to getting better is finding out what's wrong. My doctor explained that if I have one thing and take antibiotics, it might make it worse. So they're trying to figure out if they can identify what it is before recommending a course of treatment.

I have worked ONE day so far in March. I got a doctor's note with a tentative return date of the 23rd. I checked my work email yesterday and noticed that I have to work an extra 10 hours the month of March as well. So when I get back into the swing of things, I guess I'm really getting back into the swing of things (whenever that might be)!


Travers Family said...

So glad you are finally finding some answers.

Lisa said...

I'm not a doctor but I highly doubt you have salmonella. My mom almost died of that when I was a kid...it came on suddenly, and had her in the hospital for days with an EXTREMELY high fever. The doctor's told my dad she might not make it. My understand (from research I have done) is that symptoms rarely, if ever, last more than a week. I bet it is something else!

Debra said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not salmonella. I'm almost positive it's not e. coli either.

Crystalbell said...

I hope whatever is going on is soon solved! How frustrating to not know why you're feeling so badly. I wish you a swift recovery from here on out. My thoughts are with you. (Hopefully it's just the anemia, it's easily treatable). Let me know what you find out, if you find out anything at all.