Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joe got arrested!!!

Luckily, Joe is making enough money that we aren't freaking out too much with me having lost my job. After all, this whole year, I haven't worked a whole lot anyway. But we're still able to pay the bills. Things are just tighter than usual. However, last night we were able to go out to dinner. And it was for a good cause.

When Joe got home from his army training, we headed to Red Robin to eat. There were several police cars outside, one with flashing lights. As we walked toward the restaurant, we were greeted by a police officer who handed us an envelope we could use to make a donation to Special Olympics. The cops also had a booth set up outside the restaurant where they were selling shirts and other various items to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Right after getting inside, Joe was greeted by one of his friends who happens to be a police officer for the city. They served in Iraq together, and Joe has seen his friend around town several times while his friend was on duty. In fact, a while back, Joe even did a ride-along with his friend, which fell on quite the adventurous shift.

When Joe ran into his friend, his friend and a couple other officers were escorting out two smiling kids by handcuff, announcing they had captured the bad guys. Joe's friend said hello and said, "Oh, we're coming for this one later!"

So as we sat down to eat, another couple at a table near us was cuffed and paraded around the restaurant and out to the cop car. Then Joe was picked up for "impersonating a security guard." His picture was taken by the car with his friend (I'd post it but it was not high quality film used and the picture didn't turn out very well). Then he was released and came back to the table to eat.

It was quite an interesting date, and we were happy to spend a little money for such a good cause.

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The 'K' Family said...

What a night! I posted something for you on my blog. :)