Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am a terrible wife... I have been remiss

I realized I never posted about how awesome my husband is and the wonderful things he's done for me lately.

The day we were at Target shopping and I saw the ad for the Guitar Hero Aerosmith game, I told him I wanted it. I wanted to make sure that what I was seeing actually existed, so I searched online and found out it did indeed exist and would be coming out. I told him I wanted it. That day he went on and ordered it for me. I didn't know this and added it to my wish list and incessantly blabbed about it, excited as ever. About a week after the game was released, it was delivered to me, as a gift from him. We do little things like that for each other or give each other permission to buy things we want because we have been horrible about giving ourselves an allowance for such things, but it still was a very nice and appreciated gesture.

The other big thing he did for me happened about a week ago. I'd had a terrible day at work and was crying throughout and even after my shift. I told him I was worried I was going to get fired (I can be so dramatic sometimes, I know) and I was inconsolable. I finally decided to go to the gym instead of turning to food to deal with stress (like I normally d0), and that helped me feel a little better. But when I got home, he wanted to check in with me and it all came back to me. So I fumed and vented upstairs as I started to undress for a shower. I stomped up the stairs, right past a big vase of flowers (red roses & some purple accent flowers) he had left just inside the front door for me to see when I got home (I'd gone in the other door and hadn't seen them yet).

I was still mad but a part of me softened at that gesture. When I got into the bedroom, I noticed a vase of yellow lilies (my favorite flower) next to my side of the bed. I didn't acknowledge them and continued to rant then hopped in the shower, but another small part of me softened at that gesture. I had time to think and calm down a bit in the shower. I thanked him for the flowers after I got out. Then when I went downstairs again, I noticed the sweet & touching note he'd left on the vase with the roses. What a great guy!

Yesterday as I was running around frantic after work (going to the doctor's, working out, showering, getting ready for the book club), he was more than willing to help out. He helped me print some bookmarks I wanted to hand out off my printer. He talked to the Jest representative on the phone. He cleaned the entry way. He set up chairs downstairs in our living room. He vacuumed the living room rug.

I am so lucky to have him!

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Mark & Kitty Cheney said...

Debra - Believe it or not, some wives don't even see how their husbands reach out to them. Just the simple fact that you see it says that you are not terrible, in fact you are quite wonderful, I'm sure. - Kitty