Thursday, August 14, 2008

In case you didn't notice...

That last blog entry was written by Joe. He has so graciously agreed to join this blog as an occasional author. I am glad he chose to do so, because I think sometimes he has things to say from his perspective that I know at least his family would like to read about.

When in settings for blogger blogs, you can make your blog private and only have certain approved readers be able to see your blog. I thought I was approved to see 2 different people's private blogs, but for whatever reason, I can't subscribe to see when they're updated, and I can't leave comments on there, which is a bummer. I don't know that we'll ever make this blog private, but who knows.

Another setting that I've enjoyed is the email option where you can have up to 10 different email addresses entered that are emailed whenever you post to your blog. I have entered 10 email addresses, but with my large family and Joe's family, I haven't been able to guarantee that everyone I want to read certain blog entries is able to do so. So, I think I'm going to only send the blog to myself and to Joe each time we post, and that way we can forward the blog entries to people we want to read the particular blog entries (I think that sometimes it's not necessarily a blog that anyone needs or probably even wants to read, and knowing that it is going to be emailed out to those 10 email addresses has kept me from writing some things I may have otherwise written). So (for those who currently receive my blogs via email), please visit my blog here if you want to read each and every blog entry we write. But if you prefer to just receive the general updates, those will be forwarded to you via email.

And on to other news...

After work yesterday, I just wanted to go to the gym, but I also had to prepare for hosting the book club. Only one person ended up showing up to the book club (annoying!), but we had a good time chatting for a couple hours so I didn't consider it a waste. I did get to the gym and burned about 550 calories (the most ever in one single workout for me) and am paying for it today! It felt good to workout after about a week of not doing it because of the trip and then my laziness. We'll see if my body & mind will be able to make it there again today.

While getting ready for the gym yesterday, I got a call from Jest yesterday. They wanted to confirm my installation appointment for today. And they were telling me that the installation would be in the window of 8 am - 5 pm. SO NICE OF THEM to narrow it down like that! After getting that automated phone call, I got the option to "Press 1 to confirm the appointment; Press 2 to change the appointment; Press 3 to cancel the appointment" but there was no option to reach through the phone and strangle the person/people responsible for me receiving such an annoying call after my ordeal the other day. Bummer. So I pressed 3 and was placed on hold for the longest "2-3 minute wait" of my life while my cell phone was dying and Joe was in the other room with the bank trying to add me as a shared account member on our credit card. The somewhat incompetent person he was talking to said he needed to speak to me, so we switched cell phones. Then he put me on hold. GRR. Finally, Jest came to the phone and Joe explained to them that we did NOT want those additional services and that I had called trying to tell someone that already. Well, the person he was talking to found out that the incompetent woman I'd spoken to who had set up the services had created a Brand Spankin' New account for me to add services instead of adding them to the account I had already had, which is why the other 2 women I spoke to later that day weren't able to find anything even listed for me. We finally got that resolved (I hope). It's almost "8 am - 5 pm" so I guess I'll find out soon enough if everything was cancelled correctly.

Now that I don't have to worry about Jest or Dur Heck TV coming over for any installations, I am enjoying my day off. In fact, I am contemplating not doing anything productive at all today (yeah, I like to dream).


McKnights said...

I have never had my blog on the "private" setting where people had to sign in to read it, but I could see where it would be needed. I think I originally had it set to people in my contact list. I also dont have my blog show up in thier lists either. So unless you link to me through someone else's page you wont find me. I have not had any problems with my blog yet.

I also love the RSS feeds. Thanks for introducing me to them. Throuhg Windows Live Mail, I can now check all the blogs I visit in one easy step and go from there.

Debra said...

There are other ways you can organize different RSS feeds. One of my friends really likes Google Reader, which you can access through the account you have for this blog.