Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I heard it doesn't snow much in Washington when I moved here. I heard it was something like once or twice a year, and it really wasn't a big deal when it was. I should've asked for a second opinion. That's what I get for trusting my husband!

Or maybe the last couple years have been really unusual. It's not like it snowed a whole lot last year, but I did have a couple scary/frustrating experiences driving in the snow. This year has definitely seemed odd. Not only snow that sticks and snow upon snow and black ice, but fog has come for days on end too. Weird. I blame the baby. You know, El Nino.

It's snowing now. I had no idea snow was in the forecast until I was taking my first fifteen minute break from working today and flipped on the news. It was snowing somewhere. I looked outside to see a snow-free lawn. It is snow-free no longer.

Time for some hot chocolate!

In other news, we had a couple windows replaced yesterday (I guess it was good it wasn't scheduled for today!). We even bought the installers some pizza. We're awesome. My idea. I'm awesome. Anyway, in addition to the windows, we had our french doors removed and a sliding door put in. Now we have the key to that door, so we can actually use it! Hooray!

We had to lock the cats into one of our bedrooms during the installation, so we moved their food, water, litter box, and toys into our guest room. We've decided to keep it set up that way. When the kittens were finally let out of the room last night and started wandering around downstairs, they didn't know what to do since they had no toys. Even today, when I went downstairs on my breaks, they would hang out around me for a while but then go back up to their bedroom. They are so spoiled! They're going to become such little hermits!

One of the windows replaced a broken window that was starting to get moldy and would hold condensation between the window panes. These are triple-pane windows with UV protection and energy savings, and GOSH it looks so much better than the do-it-yourself-job that preceeded it! The only problem now is our blinds don't fit anymore and there isn't as much of a window ledge for the cats to sit on (it was amusing watching Sandy's reaction as she tried to jump on the window ledge and didn't really have enough room to keep her feet firmly planted). So we've got to get some new blinds or curtains. Hooray for an excuse to go shopping!

But I think I'll wait until it's done snowing!


McKnights said...

And that is why I will stay in Arizona as long as I can. I like the sun.

Jahn said...

"it was amusing watching Sandy's reaction as she tried to jump on the window ledge and didn't really have enough room to keep her feet firmly planted"

Now that I'd like to see a video of! Bwahahaha!

MAG said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog...I haven't yet traveled for to do photoshoots, but I'm definitely open to it. What did you have in mind--family photos? Let me know and I'll see if I can work something out!