Monday, February 2, 2009

RIP Compaq and my weekend

So, I am paranoid these days due to events that have happened in my neighborhood. Every time I hear a noise at night (or even during the day), I wonder if someone is stealing my mail or trying to break in to my house. And when my kittens knock things over, tackle each other, or otherwise make a ruckus, my imagination starts to run wild with ideas of what the noise could be coming from. Did someone somehow manage to get into my house without triggering the alarm and they're now coming to kill me? Is the alarm on?

I heard a noise coming from my living room the other day. I made a mental note of it and continued doing whatever I was doing in my family room. But then there was another noise, and I knew the kittens were up to something. I hurried to the other room to investigate the crash, and I saw that they had knocked over a vase of roses that was on the coffee table. Or I should say the black cat knocked it over. I'm pretty sure it was Ashley, because she ran from the room (and from me) as quickly as she could. I chased after her, and every time I got close, she ran again. Meanwhile, Sandy just chilled by the scene of the crime.

Today there was a similar noise. I saw one cat bolt up the stairs, and then I saw the other cat running into the room I was in from the other direction (through the dining room). I walked into my living room to find out what the commotion was all about, and I saw Sandy peeking her head between two rails on the staircase, trying not to be seen.

Those kittens crack me up! It's hard to stay mad when they are so funny! I guess kids are like that too. I don't know yet, but maybe one day I'll be able to know the feeling of frustration/anger followed quickly by amusement and humor because of something they do.

I talked with my supervisor very briefly today and said that I decided to go back to work tomorrow if that's okay. He said it is (even though I was originally approved for 2 weeks off without pay), and I caught up (sort of) on my work email. That took forever. I was multi-tasking on my laptop (I complete work on my desktop), and I finally turned my desktop off, chatting on Facebook and reading through my personal emails and RSS feeds.

Then came a noise outside. Right outside my house. I'm not expecting anyone for a while, so I was nervous and curious. I got up to go take a look out the window, and I tripped over a cord for my laptop, pulling the laptop down on the floor and breaking it. My screen now has a display that looks like broken, shattered glass. Lovely. I hope I can recover the data on the hard drive!

Looks like I just made my decision as to whether or not I'll be working on Presidents Day. If I want a new laptop, I have to!

In other news, my car had difficulty starting on Friday. I took it in to the shop for a 90,000 mile check (only 13,000+ miles late), and everything is fine now. Joe thinks it might've been a spark plug (they were all changed). I wasn't having problems before, and it's running quite smoothly now, so I hope that was all it was. The guy at the shop said I need 2 new tires and an allignment, although he recommended getting 4 new tires. Joy. If it's not one thing, it's another. Or it's more than one thing.

I'm still waiting to see if medically things improve. I will definitely be calling my OB-GYN if my period doesn't come in the next couple weeks. I want more tests, and I have to demand some answers!


erin said...

I don't have any advice, but I thought I would let you know that I keep up on your blog and that I think about you.

Hope to see you Friday!

Debra said...

I'll be there. I am trying to get someone to go with me, but it's not looking so good on that end.

Richard and McKenna said...

Aren't heath problems annoying? My back has all of a sudden started to hurt really bad and so I think I am going to go the doctor about it soon. I am hoping I get some answers and I hope you do too! :)

(I hope you dont mind me asking but how long have you gone without a period?)

Debra said...

This time it's been since December. I'm looking for patterns, and it seems like I skip about every other month now, except sometimes it doesn't fall into that pattern. Before December, it was September (3 months).