Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy bee

This week has been busy for me. I feel bad for Joe because it's been even busier for him. I've barely seen him since last Friday, since he had drill this past weekend. And he has a work meeting on Saturday and then starts school next week, so we'll continue to see less of each other. At least our work schedules are compatible now!

Monday (my new day off) I went to the fair with my cousin Kristine. We had a good time checking out the exhibits. I fell in love. With a piano. It was dark mahogany and so beautiful. I want it so much! Of course, that's just a dream since I don't need a piano (thanks to my friend Erin), but I lust after it.

I've also had meetings and more meetings and errands and more errands this week to keep me plenty busy. I have another one today, but I don't have anything planned for Friday (thank goodness!) after work, so I can relax a bit. We have options for Saturday, but since Joe doesn't know how long his work meeting will last, I may just be stuck at home then.

Because of my new schedule (not only have my days off changed, but I'm also starting & ending an hour earlier), my lunch break is at 9:00. This is way too early for lunch, and it's too late for breakfast for being up before 5 am. So I have decided to spend it walking. I bring my cell phone with me and set my alarm for 15 minutes after my break starts so I know when to turn around and start heading home. I'm waking up with sore legs, but I'm feeling pretty good getting out and walking, even if only for that 20-25 minutes. And it has allowed me to see a little more of my neighborhood.

I'm still not near 10,000 steps a day (most days, anyway), but I'm improving thanks to this and to working out. I'm feeling better too. And I think I've been fighting something that's been going around, because I can tell part of me is not feeling 100% while I am not totally sick and still able to work (thank goodness!).

I got my second call review at work today. It's still really frustrating to think that my performance is based solely on how many calls I make per hour and how I score in 2 call reviews per month. With the # of calls I make each month, that's not necessarily an accurate representation. I could go on, but I'm dealing with it. Anyway, I scored well enough on both calls this month to earn me extra money for every hour I work next month (yay!). I won't know until the end of this month just how much extra money it'll be each hour, but it'll be something. So that's nice. :)

And on a random closing note, I want to get together with other couples more for double dates. If anyone is interested, let me know!

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