Friday, September 5, 2008

Couch potato

I am so excited, but I also know I might end up in big trouble... my TV shows are coming back!

I went through the list of the returning TV shows and the dates and times they'll be on and returning so I can start recording them on my DVR (I LOVE that thing!). And then I went through the list of cancelled shows to see if something I watched before was cancelled. Carpoolers was cancelled, but that was no surprise to me, and I'd only watched one or two episodes out of boredom before realizing that it wasn't worth my time.

Kitchen Nightmares returned last night, and it is waiting in my DVR for me to watch. Next up in The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles on Monday, and then I have over a week before the next show I watch returns: Supernatural. The end of September will bring back The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office. And I still need to figure out when exactly House and Samantha Who are returning (although I missed a lot of the last season of Samantha Who because I can only record 2 shows at once- and I think I'm going to have to stop watching another show this year because of that same reason, which is annoying).

Then I'll have to wait until January to watch Scrubs & 24. But I'm excited, because I was under the impression that Scrubs was done for, and the last episode did nothing to tie up loose ends, so I was definitely left wanting more. Gosh, that sounds like I watch a lot of TV. And when you add to that The Daily Show, it sounds even worse. But I swear I don't watch TV all the time. I just have to make sure that I stick with my goal of spending at least a couple hours a day not in front of the computer or TV. I still have a lot of books I want to read.

Speaking of which, I'm finally reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. I have had that book for years and should've read it a long time ago. It's not that I'm reading anything that is really shocking, but maybe I need those "common sense" reminders. I mean, I've been in Washington for over 1 1/2 years and still don't have one person I can call a friend. I have a couple acquaintances and there are people I have done things with outside of church once or twice, but I need friends. So, I'm going to try to work harder at it and hope that I get some results.

In other news, I finally spoke with someone the other day about my calling as Enrichment Leader. I have only attended Enrichment meetings here & there (except for the brief period I was on the committee in a singles ward). And I know every ward has their own expectations and ways of doing things, and who am I to rock the boat, right? Well, I was told that my committee/board is very small (2 people) and typically those members don't do anything to help in this ward. I didn't get a whole lot of information, because the last person who was in charge of it was doing it basically as a temporary fill-in, and there really hasn't been someone with that position for a while (so I was told). There is no binder or anything to be passed on to me.

So I have decided to take on this challenge as something that I'm going to tackle through my interpretations (with approval, of course) of how I want to do things and run with it. I will definitely start with getting those other 2 sisters involved. In fact, we have an Enrichment night in less than a week that was already more or less planned, but I'm going to do what I can to get more people there. We'll see how that goes. :)

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