Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Left out

Sometimes it is hard being childless when around people who are parents or expecting or both. I don't want to get knocked up before I'm feeling physically ready (not that I necessarily WOULD be able to get preggers and stay that way right now), and I don't want to do it because I want to fit in. And I sure don't want to have a baby because my sister-in-law told me to so her son could have a cousin closer to his age. Yeah, because making HER and her child happy is what my life is about....

Having said that, Joe and I have talked about getting pets. Part of me wants a dog because I've never had a pet dog that was MY dog. We had a couple dogs when we were kids, but they belonged to the family, and then ran away from home. I think my parents were relieved, and they didn't try to get them back. In fact, it was years before we had any more pets, but we finally were adopted by a stray cat, which led to cats becoming a part of our family.

Joe likes cats because they're more low maintenance and mellow. I don't dislike cats, but part of me wants a pet that is a bigger responsibility than a cat (not that they aren't a responsibility). Anyway, we'd decided to get a couple kittens when we moved into the house, but with everything that had been going on, we kept putting it off.

Now we're going to get a couple kittens. Maybe tonight. If not tonight, soon. I'm excited. They'll be our babies until we're ready for a human baby.


McKnights said...

Don't worry about the baby thing right now. I believe that it will happen when the time is right. You are focused on what you need to be working on right now and that is getting you healthier. You are also one of the world's BEST Aunts! My kids love you and I love you too. Hang in there. You are still in our prayers.

As for the dog, they really are a lot of work. We are finally down to just one little one and that is still more then we can handle around here. Make sure you really want it and all the work that comes with it before you make a move.

Debra said...

Thanks. I wish I was closer to your kids, but I might spoil them too much. Especially Savannah.