Sunday, January 4, 2009

Being a good girl

I'm not depriving myself of chocolate. But I am trying to be good with going to the gym and going on walks. I almost talked myself out of walking today, but I did it, even though it was pretty nippy outside and was sort of snowing as Joe and I were walking together (it was nice of him to volunteer to walk with me). We kept a slower pace, checking out various houses in our neighborhood. We sometimes find ourselves passing by a house we looked at just a few blocks away, and I'm always so glad we didn't get that house... it's like there is a definite division of where the neighborhood goes from pretty nice (where we live, thank goodness), to fairly nice with a few exceptions, to cheaper housing. And that house is right on the line of the second and third categories. What makes the difference? Well, one of my guesses is that we have a homeowners association. I am grateful for that!

Anyway, we didn't walk for a full hour, but it was fairly close (50 minutes, give or take). And yesterday instead of walking on my lunch break, I took a longer lunch break and went to the gym. Tomorrow I have an interview in Seattle and I think I'm going to drive to it, so I won't lose as much time on the bus (I'm a bad girl and will have to pay for parking, though), and then I can go to the gym and/or walk tomorrow too.

Anyway, it's time to be a good girl and go to bed. Later!

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