Friday, January 9, 2009

Thirdhand smoke?

It's the latest reason to quit smoking. Some are arguing that the negative effect from what is being called thirdhand smoke hasn't been proved, while advocates for people to quit smoking are using it as another reason to encourage people to quit.

What is "thirdhand smoke"?

Well, if someone smokes, particles from smoking stay with you. Your hair stinks, your clothes stink, your fingers stink, etc. Thirdhand smoke is exposing people to these particles and possibly making them sick. Does it just affect kids with asthma, as some are saying?

I don't know enough about all of the medical aspects of smoking, nor have I run any studies myself, but if it's another reason people are quitting, great! In fact, I heard about thirdhand smoke on the news or read something about it and was at least a little bewildered, but then I spoke with someone the following day who had also heard about it and it motivated her to quit.

Really, when you think about all the things that you touch and the dead skin cells that your body sheds and what is on your hands and skin, it doesn't surprise me that you may be putting other people's health at risk by smoking. After all, colds and pink eye and chicken pox and germs are spread very easily.

Just how harmful is it? I, for one, would prefer not to find out first hand. Riding the bus next to someone who has been smoking is torture enough for me. I definitely don't want to touch them.

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McKnights said...

I just did a google search on this and have to say I was shocked at how much information there is on this. I am glad that I am not surrounded by people that smoke. And to smokers with kids I hope this might be what you need to kick the habit.