Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What should I blog about?

I like to write. Actually, I take that back. I LOVE to write. My problem is not knowing WHAT to write about. I mean, I really doubt anyone wants to read my movie reviews or what I'm eating or watching on TV or how I repeat myself time and time again while working so I sometimes get myself mixed up and think, "Is this the person who told me ____, or was that someone else?" or "Did I already say this to this person?" Yeah, my job is really THAT repetitive/boring.

So, what DO I write about? I have a blog where I list the things I'm grateful for, and that's more for me than anyone else really. I have a blog where I talk about goals I'm working on, and that's more of a journal for me also. I thought about blogging about counseling lessons/skills or something like that that I've learned from all my schooling, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in reading tips/techniques/babblings about all that.

There WILL be upcoming blogs about ghost sex and gays & squirrels taking over the world. I'm sure those will be entertaining, at least.

What are your ideas? What should I write about?


McKnights said...

I heard it said on Martha that if you have a hobbie you can have a blog. Write about what you know and what you enjoy. Don't worry about who might be reading it.

Since I have no hobbies worthy of noting and I know very little, I use my blog as more of a on-line journal. Since we (siblings, one of which is Debra) are spread out I can write about important things to my own family and my siblings that want can read about our lives whenever they want and know what we are up to.

Anonymous said...

Write about how you spend a majority of your time... I think that is something that everyone overlooks. How do you spend most of your time. and how could you or I be spending it better?

Also - I can confirm your theory of squirrels taking over the world. They are resourceful, cute rats, that everyone underestimates...

G in Seattle