Monday, October 6, 2008

I LOVE Mondays now!

I'm excited for today. Since I started having Mondays off, I haven't looked forward to one with anything other than delight. But today I actually have plans other than cleaning and relaxing and sleeping in.

I have gotten a late start, but I'm going to head to the gym soon. Then I'll come home and get ready to go out with a girl from church. She's somewhat close to my age (I don't know how old she is, actually), and she is a childless married woman who is pregnant and going through some pretty bad morning sickness (she told me she can't have anything except French bread and Coke right now). I was told by another woman at church that this woman is home alone during the day with nothing to do, no car to get around in, and stuck in an apartment that is often dark because of where it is in the apartment complex. So I called to see if she wanted to do something. That is very out of character for me, especially since she and I have only very briefly talked a couple times at church. But she seems sweet, and she was so grateful to get the opportunity to leave the house. We're going to play it by ear, but I'm thinking we'll probably go to the Super Mall in Auburn. Shopping is always a good time! I just hope she's feeling well.

This weekend I really enjoyed watching General Conference on TV. It's cool that one weekend every 6 months I get to stay home and hear church messages and beautiful music on TV. I've recorded the different sessions and plan on watching them again or for the first time (I had to miss the first one on Saturday because I was working). I had thought a lot about what I felt were questions or concerns I have at this time that I was hoping for some guidance and inspiration, and those were answered this weekend. I LOVE that!

Anyway, I realized that I never wrote our cats names on here. Part of the reason is because the cat Joe named (the black one) has been given a name, but not a full name (I think). It sounds like he wants to add to it but isn't sure what to name her. So for now, she's Ashley. The other cat is Inspector Cassandra Cuddle Bunny, or Sandy for short. They're getting so big already!

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