Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She's writing, she's writing, she's writing a novel

I have decided to join the National Novel Writing month challenge to write a 50,000 word novel between November 1st & 30th. I know it's not going to be high quality work, but it's going to be fast paced enough to keep me from scrapping everything I've written and starting over time & time again (like I tend to do).

Are you interested in joining me for the challenge? You can sign up here. I may start writing in the forums today to get myself pumped up for Saturday.

Heck, I'm already excited. I have wanted to write a novel as one of my life-long goals. I've wanted to join this before, but I've never really known/remembered when it takes place.


TAG said...

I am tempted to accompany you on this journey, I really want to wrtie a book, but I've always felt a litle more capable of writing a self-help or informational book.

I think I shall try though!

Debra said...

Great! This is definitely outside my realm of comfort also (I am in the process of a couple non-fiction books and have thought a lot about self-help books). It would be awesome to have someone I know doing it so we could keep each other motivated!

McKnights said...

More power to you. I have never felt the need to write a book. What would/do I have to write about?

Debra said...

The subject is fiction. It really doesn't matter what anyone writes about. The goal is just to write without editing something to death for a sense of accomplishment.

Maybe if I get this done, or rather when I get this done, I will be motivated to work on my other works-in-progress (that I have edited and edited and restarted and edited some more).