Monday, October 13, 2008

New job stuffs for Joe

Recently I have aquired some new job responsibilities at work. As part of the program, I get a little more pay (woohoo!) and I have some training to do in Salt Lake City, UT. I'm actually in UT right now in my hotel room (missing my awesome wife). I'm really excited for this new opportunity to broaden my work skills and I'll be a part of another team at work too in addition to the team I'm currently on.
I'm going to be here (Homewood Suites) all week. This gives me the chance to visit my sister Kit and her wonderful family on Thursday when my training is over. The room I get to stay in is really nice, with a kitchen and tons of space. It's almost like a small apartment or something. They have a pool and hot tub, but they're both outside and closed for the season.
There is one other team member from work that is here for the training too. We were both supposed to be on the same flight to UT but the flight was outright canceled due to mechanical issues. They didn't have another flight until tomorrow morning (that wouldn't work) so I had to call around and arrange another flight. I was able to do that just fine but my team mate ended up getting a later flight and not having her luggage at all (even longer story). So she is stuck here with just the clothes she is wearing and her purse. Unfortunately, she arrived late enough that all the stores are closed (I guess stores in Salt Lake City don't stay open very late or something?) and won't be open until class has already started tomorrow morning. Since I have the rental car, I was able to pick her up from the airport and I'll probably end up taking her shopping after class so she can get some stuff.
Anyway, that's the latest of my adventures so far. :)


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