Saturday, October 11, 2008

You know it's gotta be bad when

I start feeling bad for political candidates. I could list all the reasons why I feel bad for various candidates for various offices, but I won't. Why? Because I'm more frustrated with the fact that I might not be able to vote in the election, through no fault of my own.

At work, an email went out about voters who were placed in inactive status. I went to the site and saw that I was listed as inactive. From the email, it sounded like some people were placed into that status because of moves they'd made without updating their address. Well, I had updated my address for voting as soon as I moved. I'd even received an updated voter registration card in the mail. And then when updating my address for some other agency, there was an option on the paperwork to update your voter registration address too. Well, the form was ready to be mailed in except it was waiting my husband's signature, and he noticed that box was not checked on my form, so he checked that too. I got another updated voter registration card.

So, I didn't understand why it was showing I was an inactive voter. But I clicked on the box to update my address and it's still showing me as inactive. Only I didn't realize until past the registration deadline that it said I was registered in Clark county, and you're supposed to update information a completely different way if you're changing counties. So I may very well still be in inactive status unable to vote (although I'm going to take my card and try to do it anyway!). What's most frustrating/annoying/concerning is that I have NEVER lived in Clark county. How the heck am I listed as being in that county in the first place? Identity theft? Error in inputting my information (possibly with my zip code or something)? What the heck??? GRR!!!!

It got cold in Washington just a few days ago. More or less out of the blue. While I don't need any extra calories, I am glad it's hot chocolate season again!

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