Saturday, November 22, 2008

And... "relax"

At work, I have the opportunity to participate in a trial for group stress calls. Stress is probably something I hear in over 90% of my calls as something that makes it difficult for someone to quit smoking or to stay quit once they've stopped. When getting background information and I ask them what brought them back to smoking when they've tried to quit, stress is the #1 answer I hear. So, the idea of this is pretty fun for me.

Plus, I figured that I could personally use some stress-management techniques. Well, what I've "learned" really isn't anything new, but it is a good reminder. I've been trying to put those ideas into action. So far, they haven't really helped me lower my stress levels, but they have helped me to calm down briefly in the moment instead of being so reactionary.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for me. In addition to planning for the holiday dinner and then the quilting event, I also had to do some visiting teaching on 3 separate(!) days this week. Yes, I was busy with something church-related outside of the home 4 days other than Sunday this week. Plus, if I was actually fulfilling my other calling, I think I would've had things to do related to that Thursday night, Friday night, and tonight (I already had things going on Thursday and Friday). Joe apparently told someone at church in the bishopric a couple weeks ago that these 2 callings may be too much for me, and it's his opinion that they haven't set me apart yet because maybe they're trying to find someone else to be the Young Women's Athletic Director. My other calling is more than enough work in and of itself!

Well, I guess we'll see. I didn't go to the Regional Volleyball Tournament, but there wouldn't have been anything for me to do since they already have a coach and I haven't been involved in their volleyball season, but if I was supposed to be involved, no one told me. In fact, I only spoke briefly with the Young Women's President once about the calling, and she said something about getting me prepped for basketball in January. Apparently she thinks I'm supposed to coach the girls. Ha! Just because I watch basketball (and very infrequently now) doesn't mean I know a THING about coaching or even various positions.

So, it'd be nice to think I get a break now after such hard work, but I'm afraid that break might only be a week or two, because there are already other things coming down the pipeline for December.

But, I'm feeling better. Just some deep breaths and now "relax."


Erin said...

Just say "No." to coaching. Srsly. You can pass that calling onto someone else. The idea that you're expected to do the YW coaching too is a joke. I would bet that someone in the past happened to do both your calling and the YW coaching calling and the two have since become fused.

I have three callings, but mostly they don't overlap. (I don't count RS pianist as a calling, really, since I don't have a piano at home anymore. ;) I can't even practice for Sundays so it takes zero extra time for me. I'm in RS already...)

Callings should not be stressing you out, Debrapants. Either you need to change how you're doing something(s) or you need less to do. Don't sacrifice your happiness for ["fulfilling"] your callings. Family is first. If church is a burden then something is definitely wrong in your equation.

I like you. Don't stress you out.

Debra said...

Yeah, I am not planning on coaching. I was told this calling was basically about delegation- making sure someone is at the games and making sure there are men at the church for security and representing the ward in meetings. But I haven't heard any information about any of that yet, so I haven't done a thing yet.

Three callings? You continue to amaze me more & more all the time!