Friday, November 21, 2008

You're rich!

If you don't think so, check out this website.

Sometimes a little perspective helps me feel better/more grateful/spoiled.

We extended opportunities to the women at church to help out with needs in our area. One of those opportunities was for quilting (and all you had to do was tie quilts- even I was able to do that, and I'm craft-retarded). I went mostly because I was basically told it had to be done and no one else was willing to do it (good old church callings!). Well, I found someone who actually knew something about quilting who was willing to kind of take over the night of, because I really didn't know what I was doing. And I found someone else who also enjoys quilting who was planning on coming. I was feeling pretty good about it.

And then they were the only 2 people who showed up. Pathetic. Infuriating. Disappointing. Angering. Loathing. Agitating.

Where the *expletive deleted* were all the other women who have so much? Is an hour of their time too precious to help out a suffering human being? They don't have enough themselves to be able to help others? Not even when all it takes is TYING A FREAKING BABY QUILT?

Well, I took the 3 baby quilts that were tied Wednesday night to the house of an older woman in church who volunteered to sew up the edges with her machine just yesterday afternoon. She called back just a couple hours later with them done. Not a big sacrifice for her, but at least she was willing to help and opened her yapper to volunteer when I said, "Hey, there's this big need. I'll even call or email you with reminders and there will be treats. There's a sign-up sheet going around. Please sign up."

I can't even get the women at church to fill out a stupid, simple, basic survey to let me know what they're WILLING and ABLE to do. Are they too concerned that they'll actually have to commit to helping someone else out if they admit a talent/ability? Are they too lazy/rude/disinterested/self-serving/selfish/etc to even take that little effort to complete the survey and expect me to telepathically know everything about them, their wants, their needs, their skills?

This is a big reason why I've been so frustrated.

At least I had some help. And we had a lovely time chatting and munching on the snacks I so generously provided.

I am still pissed just thinking about it. I don't want to be a part of this group of women if this is how they conduct themselves. Those 3 women who ended up helping (and those who can honestly say in their heart that they would've if they could've, but for whatever reason couldn't) excluded.



The Leithead Family said...

Have you told your RS Pres that you hate your calling?

Debra said...

Not yet, but it's definitely on my list of things to do. I had to borrow one of her keys to get into a closet, and when I was returning it last night, she asked about the turnout. I told her and she seemed really disappointed. Then she said, "I'll bet they'll be there for the Ladies' Night Out on Friday" (a dinner at a restaurant held every month). And I had those same thoughts. Anyway, I shouldn't be thinking like that, but it's hard.

Travers Family said...

Sorry...I guess I was one of those losers that forgot or didn't make it a priority...I will definitely try harder.