Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We're still waiting for the window to get fixed. I had to call several companies, and I found out that many of them only make "custom" windows that could take weeks to get installed, or they only deal with auto windows, or they charge an arm & a leg. I mean, someone actually thought I'd spend $650 for a window to be replaced in my garage? Do they think I'm high or dumb?

Joe told the men at church the story of what happened (or at least a shortened version of it) as he was hoping to find out that someone might know someone who could fix a window for cheaper. He heard back from someone tonight and it sounded like the window could be replaced for about $200- and that's a double-pane storm window (which we don't need but Joe would prefer).

In the meantime, we are getting a new alarm system. I say new because they are going to replace the alarm system we have right now (which is approximately 15 years old and can use some updating). It's worth a few hundred dollars plus a monthly fee for me to feel safe. We're even paying for some sort of cellular connection, meaning the alarm company would still be contacted in the case of someone cutting the phone line. I normally would've considered talking myself out of this feature thinking it was unnecessary, but considering the circumstances of just a week ago, I decided this was a very necessary feature, and I will be glad to pay for it!

I'm not thinking too much about the incident except for when the kittens make noise when I'm upstairs and they are downstairs, which has been happening more frequently (and loudly) over the past week.

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