Saturday, November 15, 2008

Piece of cake and a big plum.

I just parted with my LoveSac. I'm not quite sure when I bought it, but I know that it was when I was in Florida with my younger sister, Erin, who was meeting with someone for modeling. She had never flown before, and she wanted me to go with her, so I obliged. It was a horrible trip. We arrived in hurricane season, and if I remember correctly, came not too long after a hurricane had caused some noticeable and still unrepaired damage to nearby areas. Then, while we were there, we heard of a hurricane warning. We ended up having to end the trip early so we wouldn't get stuck in Florida with some crazy hurricane. We got some of the last seats on a flight back to Phoenix- for the price of what our round-trip tickets had originally cost us. Messed up, huh?

Anyway, the one good thing about that trip was my LoveSac. I bought it at some mall that was near our hotel. It was shipped to me, and the UPS lady had to roll it up the stairs to get it to my second-floor apartment's front door, because of the weight. It came in an oversized bag (kind of looking like an oversized duffle bag), and I could never get it anywhere NEAR that size when trying to move it after that.

I have some good memories with that LoveSac. Many of those memories include trying to move it from one residence of mine to another, but it has been a nice place to cuddle while watching movies. I remember chatting with Joe on the phone after we met while sitting on the LoveSac and watching him via my webcam. Yeah, I'm a dork. Anyway, it seems that I grew out of it and it didn't really fit in our house anymore. It has found a new home. (Although, I must say it did seem to fit in nicely with my Mesa home. It was nice having a large enough space to put it where it didn't get in the way or look out of place. I just wish I had a picture that captured that a little better.)

So, with the sale of the LoveSac and our old entry bench, we have now gotten more than 1/2 way to the $1000 savings challenge this month. We have saved $696.10. Yay! When I work overtime the day after Thanksgiving, that'll give us almost an extra $200, putting us very close to reaching our goal. Granted, some of the stuff we did to earn/save some of that money aren't things we could do all the time, but it hasn't been all that hard to get that savings.


*b said...

your house looks so nice. i love the green. hope all is going well for you.


Debra said...

Oh, thanks. That picture is from my patio home in Mesa. My friend, Erin, helped me pick out the colors for my walls based on items I already had (like the rugs and LoveSac). We haven't done any painting in our new house yet.

Amber said...

OK - first of all, I just read the story about you getting robbed...WHAT?!?! I'm so glad that you're ok! I'll call you this week so we can catch up.

I can't believe you said goodbye to your love sac! So sad =P

Love you!